08/09/2016 Day1(ideas factory)

Today, our group searched about wool. 
We learnt how to primary research. 
At first, we associated wool with another words. 
For instance, cloth, animal, nature and knit and others. 
After that, we went in research of wool in the Central Saint Martins. 
We found wool in the school store and material area. 
We touched and took wool. 
To observed the wool by the drawing I was able to find them difference points. 
For example, knitting wool thick,twisted way and become fuzzy. 
Therefore, We were able to deepen our knowledge more.

13/09/2016 Day3(ideas factory)

1.What have you learnt from the ideas generation process? 
I learnt the important of my association from the ideas generation process. 
Because, I didn’t think of diverse words and ideas before do this process. 
However, I got a lot of ideas through it. 
2.Why is it so integral to have a broad research base? 
I think a broad research base need to develop for my ideas. 
The reason is that I can broaden the possibility of the development of the my work, If I have a broad research base widely when I create my work. 
Therefore, it is so important for me. 
3.Explain how peer to peer discussion helped you to develop your ideas.
I could get the reform measures to my ideas by the discussion.
I was troubled about the concept of my work, but it was solved by the discussion with them. 
They suggested me to draw more.

17/09/2016 Tate Morden

I went to Tate Morden today.
I found some works which I was interested in there. 
The first is a work called ‘Peg-Top’ of Hans Bellmer(1902-1975). 
The mysterious painting that a human bone and the body of the woman put together was drawn on this work. 
I was interested in one of this work. 
A bone hiding inside of a body is drawn outside of a body. 
In addition, there is the body inside of a bone. 
I wanted to understand the mysterious work even a little and did drawing. 
I was able to thereby understand a line and the form of this work. 
The second is a work called ‘The Three Dancers’ of Pablo Picasso(1881-1973). 
This work is drawn in the form that dancer of three people. 
I felt a link to fashion illustration in this work. 
This work can draw a parson in one line. I noticed it while doing drawing. 
So I want to adopt how to describe these works by the illustration. 
The third is a work called ‘Strip 2011’ of Gerhard Richter(1932-present). 
This work is a straight line is drawn with many colors. 
When I appreciated this work, I thought this work to be interesting if I produced clothes to material. 
Because this work is a digital printed material, and a line is drawn uniformly, a line feels a moving illusion when I keep seeing it. 
So I think that I can make a more interesting thing If I use the property. 
I was able to feel a link and the possibility to a fashion through these works. 
So I intend to go to visit various exhibitions and art museums when I have time again.

21/09/2016 Stitch workshop

Today was workshop of stitch in archway. 
This workshop was interesting very much. 
Because it was the facilities that we may utilize by make a work. 
It was good that I could know how to use the sewing machine and the explanation of facilities and so on.
I would actively use the facility.


I went some charity shops today. 
Their shops carry a lot of jacket.They have many different points.
1.The number of the pocket/the pocket size/pocketless-(an inside pocketless,an ornamental pocket,top and bottom pockets) 
2.rear land-(put brand logo pattern in a rear land,nothing a rear land) 
3.button-(a single button or a double button,the number of the button in the wristband,a button size) 
4.collar/lapel-(nothing stitch or stitch,a different the width of the collar) 
5.shoulder pad-(An almost thin shoulder pad was in the jacket of the luxury brands.Therefore it is hard to do getting out of shape.A shoulder pad was hardly in the fast fashion.Therefore it was easy to lose shape, and there was a casual impression.In addition, a thicker shoulder pad was in the thing of the old design.) 
6.dart-(The unisex dart was included from a bust line for west line. However,the women’s wear had many princess lines so that a waist part narrowed.) 
7.design-(A design and a color were predominantly richer in a kind women’s wear.) 
9.sleeve-(one-piece sleeve or double sleeve)
The jacket was different in design and material, small detail by a brand and the generation, age. 
I bought the jacket of the simple design.

It has new shape and designed possibility by repeating construction.

28/09/2016 3D workshop

It was workshop of 3D today in archway. 
I received separate explanation there in three facilities.
It was the facilities which processed material of wood and plastic mainly at the start. 
For instance, we leave the hole to those materials and can cut them. 
The second was the facilities that created things with gypsum. 
The third was the facilities that processed metal. 
I think that all facilities are concerned with our works deeply from now on. 
Therefore I want to use these facilities positively.

29/09/2016 Jacket project(Day3)

Today was the last day of jacket project. 
Base on the class of Monday and Tuesday, I made a garment and six fabric(I made six fabric from organdy, woolen yarn, wool, cotton, felt and a shock absorbent). 
I took a photograph a garment on the body. 
I displayed them in the afternoon. 

I adopted red and hand made by this garment. 
Because I received the inspiration of this work from Makers House. 
A lot of past works of Burberry that were displayed by the exhibition. 
I was interested in the works which match up the rag clothes. 
They were the designs that were very novel for me. 
The current design has many things which form and material, a design are clean, and are delicate. 
However, those works are sloppy at a glance of the cloth tore it off, and looked like laying upon, but felt the warmth as clothes.
Therefore I wanted to produce garment of the design that warm though this project. 
As a result, the result of the work was not able to reach the pass line in me. 
I made simple six fabric. 
But they still had reformability for material.
For example, I put other cloth on cloth and attach a color to the woolen yarn with paint and harden cloth in bond and so on. 

I should have carried out more experiments in this project.
Then, I think that the work that is better than this work was done. 
Therefore I want to develop the material for the future.

29/09/2016 Jacket project(Day3)


I did self-study of the project today in my house. 
I repeated drawing, collage and developed the works.
I changed size(small and big) and a color with my familiar objects and materials. 
In addition, I printed them on tracing paper and showed translucency. 
I thereby found the method of a new print. 

It has possibility to develop this project.

06/10/2016 Rottingdean Bazaar(Day3)

Today was the last day of the Rottingdean Bazaar:Hijacking Objects project. 
Therefore I did develop and the summary of the project this morning. 
I made new four print designs by used print and collage. 
They can change in various patterns by putting them together. 
Their works are very abstract and artistic. 
In addition, I wanted to develop these print designs in textile of clothes.
I intend to set those development in this weekend. 
It was the presentation of the exhibition form from the this afternoon. 
The display method of the works put the four works on the wall, and the way of the display can use each ideas besides. 
As a result, they were very individual works, and I was able to know much process and outcome.

06/10/2016 Rottingdean Bazaar(Day3)

10/10/2016 What's the point project(Day1)

1.After today’s session will you do differently to take your research in a new direction or make it more in-depth?

I conveyed my research images through movie in today’s session. 
It was very fresh in the first experience for me.
I think that an advantage of this direction method is to be able to record a sound and the light that can not tell with a point and the photographs which I can look down on many times. 
I felt that I wanted to use this method positively. 
2.What difference could it make to the outcome of your projects to do in-depth research? 

I was able to obtain a new expression method by using new session. 
They make a result of my project artistic more. 
It can tell details of the work to an audience through a sound and light. 
In addition, I thought that I could do it in outcome which developed more by doing it. 
And it  can process with movie as reverse reproduction. 
3.What new resources will you use, in the library or online, that you didn’t use before? 

I go to exhibition and art museum before using library and online. 
And I deliver some works and artists where I was interested in drawing. 
They bring new discovery and new resources for me. 

12/10/2016 Victoria Miro

I went to Victoria Miro gallery to develop the work of ‘what's the point’ project. 
This exhibition was held about protest.
A variety of the works(painting and object, performance movie and so on) were displayed the 16 artists.
I was interested in two works of the exhibition. 
The first work is 'Prisoner's Door'. 
Yayoi Kusama produced this work in 1994.
Her work was strong in the impression of dots as for me, it was very fresh to watch a plain work. 
This work which a root climbed all over at the door. 
I watched this work and associated ‘the sleeping beauty’ of the fairy tale. 
There was the scene where the thorn of the rose covered up the whole castle by the story. 
I was common to two works and associated some words. 
They are unsociable and are protection, imprisonment. 
I felt the element which was negative and positive from her work. 
The second is 'The Leopard(Western Union&small boats)’. 

It was made by Isaac Julien.
As for me, it is rarely done inspire by film and movie. 
However, I was impressed by beauty of a work made visualize to see his work and picture and collaboration of the sound. 
It is the scene that is big, and a man moves a body on a floor in the favorite scene with my this work and is drowned or swims.
The sound that there is spreads a person in water in this scene. 
I felt strange sense of incongruity in this scene. 
Those movement and sounds are non-daily. 
Therefore I think that I was attracted by the work. 
His work lets us imagine various matters througha picture and a sound. 
In addition, I watched his work and thought to do drawing of clothes including the water. 
It gives me new idea and experience. 
I received inspiration from these works. 
Therefore I want to develop my work through them by this project more.

19/10/2016 HAUSER&WIRTH

I went to Hauser&Wirth London today. 
I watched two exhibition in this Gallery. 
The first is exhibition of Mike Kelley. 
His three works were displayed there. 
I like Framed and Frame(Miniature Reproduction `Chinatown Wishing Well' Built By Mike Kelley after `Miniature Reproduction `Seven Star Cavern' Built by Prof.H.K.Lu). 
As for this work, the Seven Deities of Good Luck and a image of the Virgin Mary and Christ, a container of various size, a shellfish are buried in the huge rock. 
Some colors are painted a rock laying the foundation in random. 
Judging from various angles, this work understands that various material and object are buried. 
When I appreciated this work, I remembered the treasure hunt. 
If this work turned into design which covered the room, I thought that it became a still more interesting work. 
The second is exhibition of Lygia Pape. 
A lot of straight lines are drawn on his drawing.
 I was the most interesting with his work is 'Tteia 1C'. As for this work, silver threads are hung linearly on the floor by a ceiling. 
Light pours into this work from a ceiling. 
Beauty and the delicacy of the work thereby stand out. 
Because this work uses silver threads, they are difficult to watch the threads near.
Only the lights to pour from a ceiling lights up the work. 
Because the place except it is pitch-black.
I thought that it was interesting when I did the exhibition of clothes in this work. 
The exhibition displaying clothes here and there of the thread which I completed on a straight line is peculiar and thinks that everyone can enjoy it just to watch it. 
I was interested in a work of Mike Kelley. 
Therefore, as for me, research does his work.


I found some interesting works in Tate Modern Switch House. 
The first work is ‘Birds ‘. 
This work was made by Daria Martin. 
A film performance adjusts it to comical melody, and the people who wore clothes made paint on paper in the body continue turning in white space and assist each other’s bodies. 
I like unique the mood of this work.
 I do not understand this work with a head and think that it is a work to enjoy for a sense. 
Therefore I watched this work, and I was attracted by her style.
I felt the work to feel to be a sense like her work in doing design when it was a necessary element. 
The second is work of Louise Bourgeois, ‘Legs'. 
The red cushion which the one leg of father and mother and the child as a motif was sewed on this work. 
This work could hang from a ceiling and got a lot of looks very much because it was displayed. 
I changed size of this work and wanted to drop it into parts of clothes. 
For example, drawing&repeating does the skirt which increased the number of feet, this work, and connect textile, three feet and scarves. 
I think that it is in an acceptable work to any people regardless of age or sex because this design is simple, and there is an impact. 
In addition, the display of a work and the photograph of Rebecca Horn was done other than these works.

31/10/2016 Public Art(Day1)

The project of fashion began on today. 
This project uses public art which did research in a week of independent research. 
I chose those outline and my interesting parts six as this morning and did drawing and collage. 
In addition, I chose three shapes for made a small structure. 
I was able to express them in various form. 
I enlarged them, and produced them again in the afternoon. 
I could change them into a garment by having my partner wear it. 
My refinement by this class is to draw observational drawing and fashion illustration different way. 
Therefore it is necessary to use improvement of the command of my English and various material drawing and tools. 
I paid attention to seams of the riders jacket in today's homework. 
The seams need when we produce clothes. 
It is very interesting for me, because they turn into the width of the different thread and thread by a design and the color of clothes. 
When drawing did them, it occurred to me to connect those seams. 
For instance, I match the line of the seam of the collar with the seam of the sleeve and take a photograph, and drawing does it.
I thereby obtained a new expression method.


I did a primary research about tactile structures.
I found out some tactile structure’s bibliographies in the library. 
They took many photographs in our familiar places.
As for them, there were many photographs which unified painting and a work in them to an imminent thing (tree, wall, park and road and others). 
They were totally like the collage.
When I search them, I felt this project combine the structures and textiles. 
They can change new textile by photographing the textile which own produced backed through the structures. 
Therefore I need a lot of materials and drawing tools this project.

08/11/2016 Tactile Structure(Day2)

I developed yesterday’s textiles that using a variety of materials and drawing. 
I did five contents today’s project. 
They were ‘surface manipulation’ ‘unconventional materials’ ‘Hand-stich’ ‘developing 3D elements’ ‘the color palette’. 
I edited three textiles the interesting ones through their skills. 
1.What skills are you learning?how are they useful?
I learnt five ways today’s class. 
They were ‘surface manipulation’ ‘unconventional materials’ ‘Hand-stich’ ‘developing 3D elements’ ‘the color palette’. 
Their skills were very useful when I make new textiles. 
Because movement is given to textile by connecting materials with a yarn. 
Therefore I could make new textiles.
2.Have you discovered particular strengths in your work? 
I felt it became a strength work when I did ’The color palette’. 
I chose four colors, and made in combination material of those color textile. 
3.What areas within your work can you identify as needing more practice? 
An impact is necessary for my work. 
As for the reason, I was not able to employ much technique by today's project. 
As a result, my work had few variations.


Today is self-study.
I expressed ‘layer’ with paper. 
I put paper of the same form and made paper steps. 
I found out that ‘layer’ has many parts. 
By the experiment, I knew ‘layer’ that absorbed the sound and the shock, and also it became high in strength by repeating it. 
I thought they can bear our living richer fruit. 

15/09/2016 Day4(ideas factory)

I researched a practitioner is Marlene Dumas, a material is wool, a process is layer. 
I picked out three words(brain, tree ring and sheep) from mind map.
I expressed them that visual design, drawing and collage. 
As a result, I was able to collect an idea all together. 
This concept is ‘TIME’. 
Because the brain can remember a lot of experiences, memories and informations for a long time, and I found ‘TIME’ for the tree ring and the sheep. 
Therefore, I expressed the growth of wood and hair. 
I made three materials. 
I used the newspaper, because many informations have them. 
1. I made tree ring from paper. 
As a reason, tree ring and paper's weak point is fire. 
2. I made two different materials. 
They express contrasting means. 
They are present memories. 
They are easy to remember. 
But this is past memories. 
They aren't clear memories. 
Because I stick the wool. 
3. I expressed the material that the search one's memories.
I think the present memories lead up the past memories. 
The present project, I couldn't explain about my work in detail. 
As a reason, I didn't understand three researches(practitioner,material and process) completely. 
So I want to research the next project deeply.

19/09/2016 Day 1(your surroundings)

I did a one-day project today. 
I drew a lot of structures in the morning.
They have a variety of features.
For instance, thickness, material, size and shape and so on.
I drew them in various colors and techniques. Therefore, their impressions changed.

I choose the three shapes, and I enlarged them.
I made a lot of shapes by put them together.
However, they were only the designs of the upper body.
Therefore, I couldn't make a variety of the shapes.
I think I had to make another designs, because I can broaden about the shapes and designs.

I was able to feel shape and the relation of the fashion through this project.

20/09/2016 Day 2(Your dates)

Today’s project is ‘Your date’. 
I brought my glasses, earphone, green tea and an electronic dictionary. Because they mean about me.
The objects of Our group had some in common.
For instance, color, function, material and size and others.
I was able to find various form by drawing them in many techniques.
Their negative spaces are very interesting for me.
Our group combined our objects with the thread and knitting wool.
They changed our works.
However,I had to try a variety of combinations.
They became the flat works.
I think if we hang them from the ceiling or pole, our works became better.

This project,I learned the important of drawing in create textile.
I felt I can make many textiles from our familiar objects.
I thought another approach, I want to make an invisible things textile.
For example, the sound of the water, song and cries of animal and bird and so on.
I can create them the new textile.

25/09/2016 Makers House

The exhibition of Burberry is Makers house that was displayed collection in the autumn and winter(men’s and women’s). 
Their materials were mostly wool and knit.
In addition, I was getting interested in the designs with embroidery and the fringe’s accessories and shoes. 
I had a glimpse of an effort and the time of craftspersons from them. 
The hue had mani calm colours generally. They showed a lot of refined designs. 
A neck has a frill, and the silhouette of a slightly bigger sleeve is a feminine design. 
It was displayed from the design which rebuilt a trench coat and a jacket to a coat of the orthodox school. 
Their collection has grace.

26/09/2016 Jacket project (Day1)

1.What different elements are on your chosen jacket?
My chosen jacket is a simple design, but it has some features.
1.the zigzag stitch of Collar
2.the ornamental pockets
3.a big button(four holes button)
4.the panel line of back body
5.the darts of back and front body
6.the pattern of the wrong side is polka-dots
They have the different functions of a jacket.
2.What different ways of putting the jacket on the body did you experiment with your group?
Our group experienced a variety ways of putting the jacket on the body. 
We wrap Three jackets around the body, and tied their jackets to the body.
Their experience wasn’t comfortable clothes. 

However, it was an interesting incident.
3.What drawing technique worked well for you today?
I often worked a drawing technique(a one drawing line) today. 
I could drew some interesting illustrations and lines.
The impression of the illustration changed at thickness and the speed of the line.
But I didn’t use many color pen and drawing materials very much.
Therefore, I want to use them tomorrow.

01/10/2016 an exhibition of Jeff Koons

I went to Newport Street Gallery today. 
An exhibition of Jeff Koons was held there. 
His various works were displayed by the exhibition. 
For example, it was easy, and huge clay was put, and various kinds of vacuum cleaners were displayed on the wall, and the bowl with many huge eggs were displayed.
I watched his works and thought that it was the works such as the toy box. 
His works are very colorful, and there were a lot of works overflowed in humor. 
I was able to know that I enjoyed an art work for sight through his works.
I was interested in his works.
When I have time, I want to research his works.

03/10/2016 Rottingdean Bazaar project(Day1)

I did two contents in today’s morning. 
They were drawing that put some familiar things in outside together, and a lecture of James Theseus Buck and Luke Brook.
They told their backgrounds and details of the works to us through a lecture. 
Their stories were very interesting for me. 
The work covers the surface of the gravestone with paper and cloth, and scrub them by a pencil and paint. 
Those paints change in a very artistic work by doing them. 
I thought that I could use this method by my illustration and drawing.
In addition, I thought that the method to print socks and tights to a T-shirt was very interesting.
I was surprised at it because it becomes one work which was combined some familiar things. 
I thought that I can use the production of my work.
I did drawing with my familiar objects and materials(rubber, straw, disposable cutlery and cotton and others) from the afternoon. 
I sharpened a crayon with a disposable knife and expressed a process, and changed the letters of the receipt into rice, and attached paint to the point of the straw and draw them, and described a simple outside flight in various size and colors. 
They became the interesting drawing for me. 
All the form that was made by putting quality together varied. 

Therefore they stirred my imagination.
I had an interesting about a process how they changed in print design.


Today, I went to exhibition that ‘You Say You Want A Revolution? Records And Rebels 1966-1970’ for a project of the next week. 
In this exhibition, a lot of works of the music and art are displayed from 1966 to 1970. 
I got a headphone and music player when I enter this exhibition. 
I watched five booths while wearing it. 
I thought that this direction could use even fashion shows about the direction which music changed whenever the generation changed. 
I was interested in many works and artists in this exhibition. 
I felt interested in the work of Mati Klarwein is ‘Grain of Sand’. 
When I watched this work, I thought that it was a collage work. 
However, this work was painting. 
A person and cityscape, a creature are very comical, and this work is drawn in big cround. 
It took an interest in it as I made this work a pattern of circular skirt, because it can make the pattern of circular skirt with round. 
I expressed it in combination with a picture. 
The work changed into the skirt which was artistic very much. 
In addition, I did collage with newspaper and colored paper in round in reference to it. 
It was creative work for me. 
This exhibition was useful for the next project.

10/10/2016 What's the point project(Day1)

I wrote about some description in my reflections this morning.
It was to look back toward conventional my WORKFLOW.
I always devise a way to workflow that upload many pictures. 
Because, I am not good at English, but My WORKFLOW is easy understand for many people.
I realized the importance of research and analyze again. 
They connect directly my ideas and works. 
The research source of the latest projects were mainly internet and the exhibition. 
I can obtain the latest informations and images through them. 
However, the internet has the low information of the reliability. 
Therefore it is necessary for me to ascertain those informations.
In addition, I wanted to utilize the library when I research, becauseI could read the library books of UAL on the internet. 
I visualized research images through the movie. 
It was very interesting in the first experience for me. 
I expressed a work and process with drawing and photograph so far. 
However, width of the choice of my research spread by using it. 
I can feel a sound and light through the movie.
It can research which is different by changing top forwarding and reverse reproduction, the speed of the picture.
I wanna to try it using in various ways.

13/10/2016 What's the point project(Day3)

It was the last day of ‘What's the point’ project today. 
I produced the work which caught the inspiration by this project from Kusama yayoi, your surroundings project and my research images. 
The work can change in garment and accessory. 
I wanted to produce the work which could change in form with this work freely. 
I felt much possibility and expandabilities in creating various form from paper in your surroundings project. 
There is that I let you make my idea feasible for the snap. 
I cut my research images in a circle of various size and turned on a snap. 
My work was able to thereby form much form. 
In the facture of this work, I went trace and collage of outline and texture of my research images, artist research. 
A reflection point of this work is that there were few expression methods of the material. 
I expressed the material which was interesting with an imminent thing from my research images. 
For example,rice,film,woolen yarn,colored paper and drawing. 
I think that this work became interesting more if I put many subject matters (straw, beads, leaf, branch) together in this work.
 Therefore I want to make use of this reflection point in next project. 


My purpose was an exhibition of DONNA HUANCA. 
Her seven works were displayed in this exhibition. 
Most of those works are performance art. 
I was interested in MELANOCYTES which was one of her works. 
People with painting as tights walk from head to foot, and this work (in a 3-story box) swats sitting straight, a window. 
This is because it is a work added a color to by those acts by the inside of the work. 
Unfortunately Performance was over when I watched this work.
I associated a bought and sold human being with this work. 
I felt it that like human product display when I saw the person who entered this work. 
It was like immorality very and expressed human freshness. 
I was impressed by a work created in closed space. 
In addition, I felt possibility of performance art through this work.
I do instaration to fill up in naked people in this work if this work is available to me. 
The reason is because I wanted to make an aesthetic work with impact with a person.


The exhibition of CAMPAGNE LIFE was held in SAATCHI GALLERY. 
A lot of works of painting and sculpture were displayed there. 
I was interested in two works in this exhibition. 
The first is Food for Thought 'Almuallaqat' 4 which are a work of Maha Malluh. 
A different pan of size and the form is attached to this work all over the wall. 
The back of those pans were left on a  rust, a dent, a dirt and a wound and so on. 
The pan of the same design had nothing.
In addition, I see that I am uneven with this work seeing from the side.

Because the depth of the pans are different.
I divided this work into some and thought that I wanted to do a color change. 
This work is interesting as now.
The width as textile design spreads by a color is to change it.
If I commercialize it with this work as textile of us is imminent, and use them(curtain cloth, clothes, umbrella, dish).
The pan is our familiar object, I thought that consumers (the people who are not too interested in art and design) can enjoy design more by designed the familiar thing. 
The second is 'Echoue au seuil de la raison' which is a work of Virgile Lttah. 
The people who paint them in something like candle that melted.
This work was a mysterious work that supporting a body with the waist of own on the frame of the bed. 
The details of this work was written a pamphlet that this sculpture expressed 'life and death' by a new method. 
The people being of this work did not surely have life and feelings. 
I was interested in material used with this work. 
The material was mixed wax. 
I can use it for various works by how to use. 
I felt this material with her work so that there was a feeling of weight. 
However, I thought that I could change an impression by applying a thin coat of it, and coloring it. 
This material can express the work that look at existing things in a new light.

01/11/2016 Public Art(Day2)

I produced new structure from three shapes which I made yesterday. 
The design which resembled a flower. 
I attached it to the body of the partner and made various form and did drawing. 
When I did drawing, I got advice from a tutor. 
My tutor's advice that lengthened shape (folding fan fold) which I added to a shoulder and was to make arm hole. 
Because I thought that something was insufficient in this design, I became more interesting shape by the advice. 
I am going to use felt in this project. 
Because I thought that it seems to be easy to make various form. 
In addition, I chose wooden public art.
In my image, the tree is used by many things, and it is warmth. 
I felt that it was common to felt.
As a result, I chose this cloth.
I want to express layer of the work in garment to produce this time. 
For example, I can express it by putting pleats and cloth. 
However, I try the method except them and want to connect it with a work.


I developed textile using various material (woolen yarn, ribbon, string, cotton, paper, straw and so on). 
Those themes are colors. 
The reason is two. 
The first reason is that I wanted to change the fixed concept for the color of my own.
The second reason is that I'd like to find new technique and material and the possibility of the color by knitting it. 
I became able to express a color with pleasure made with material and various material through them.

I change it into 2D from 3D by printing them.
I thereby think that I can obtain new idea.

07/11/2016 Tactile Structure(Day1)

This week’s project is Tactile Structure project. 
We draw many structure outside the Bermigan museum. 
They are Brutalist architectures. 
Their feature is a style of modernist architecture characterized by the use of board-marked concrete. 
I made the pictures of them by different drawing tools. 
In addition, I described their textures and shapes. 
For instance, using with a variety of materials, masking tape, crayon and color pen. 
After that, We did group work that made a structure using different kinds of materials. 
It was very interesting shape for us, because our work has a lot of negative spaces. 
We can develop more by drawing them. 
I developed some drawing and collage this afternoon. 
For example, focus on their details and shape, repeating, represent the textures and so on. 
I made three collages(shape,texture,repeating), beside they created each three collages. 
Today’s improvement is that pick up the pace on this work. 
I’d like to improve my work’s speed up. 

12/09/2016 Day2(ideas factory)

I searched Marlene Dumas that is a painter.
The theme of her works contain many sexual discrimination and gender issue. 
I got the impression that her works have in moving people’s emotions. 
Although she paints many the expressionless face, their eyes were so powerful. 
I think they are involved in her back ground. 
Her hometown is the Republic of South Africa had an apartheid from 1998 to 1994. 
So she depicts about racial discrimination. 
We can feel her spirit through her works. 


1.What makes a good pitch? 
I think I should research deeply, and I don’t have a lot of vocabularies. 
Therefore, I must study English very hard. 
2.About collaboration 
My work of this time did not have a color with an inorganic design. 
Therefore, when I made collaboration, I want to create about the design which a lot of colors are easy to understand. 
3.How would you approach this project different if you had it again? 
I want to research deeply If I do this project again. 
I think that I can do the various technique and expression. 
For instance, performance about my work, and I deepen understanding by doing real thing production. 
As a result, My work that is better than the last time works, and I can imagine a lot of thing about it.

19/09/2016 Day 1(about four questions)

1.(Identify) what are you looking at? 
I changed the scale and color of the structure when I draw them, and I tried the diverse way of drawings. For instance, I drew them with the two pens, and a structure with a scale of 1 to 10.
2.(Extract) what qualities are you exploring? 
I explored a different qualities (steel, wooden structure, stone, brick and glass and others). I piled their drawings. As a result, they changed another shape and silhouette. 
3.(Develop) what are you doing with the information? 

I draw ten shapes in the my drawings. They were interesting shapes. I saw them like a snake, a block and leaf. I think they become new shapes if put them together.
4.(Construct) how are you translating this?
 I produced three shapes that enlarged size. I had a partner wear in combination them. Therefore, my works could express movement. The shape of my works become plain by drawing them. 

20/09/2016 Brain Waves

I went to exhibition of Brain Waves after school. 
There were displayed the works of various departments. 
I was especially interested the work that is Sea-Meat Seaweed. 
This work was very interesting.
Because the movie that a man dissected meat plainly in a meat factory.
It was very surreal movie and artistic. 
The material(rubber or enamel) that looked like a leather was good. 
I was surprised at idea and the completeness of this work. 
I thought that I want to make clothes and the material which developed from meat.

22/09/2016 Day 3(your interpretation)

I draw many fashion illustrations today.
I used a lot of techniques and drawing materials.
For instance, draw the model’s silhouettes(they wear some clothes over another, and form diverse the shapes from the paper) through only black-and-white drawing materials, and exposed them to the light.
I exchanged my sketchbook for another one that draw the pattern.
It was a fresh experience for me.
I did the collage in my drawing before I teared up it.
As a result, it changed an interesting drawing.
I made a sharp necklace from the paper and thread.
Because I had an interest in the part of a sharp on this week’s project.
Therefore, I put my thoughts together.
I made a necklace from paper.
I express a sharp by fold the paper.

I think this week’s project an important class for us.
As reason, we create the base of the many ideas by drawing.
They were a good experience for us.

22/09/2016 Day3(your interpretation)

27/09/2016 Jacket project(Day 2)

1.How have you used a selective process to identify inspiration from your primary work? 
I combined my jacket with a fabric this morning.
It changed in an interesting shape. 
I got the detail of textures as my primary work.
I looked at them in the diverse angle, and I expressed them by the different materials. 
2.How does working collaboratively informer practice? 
Our group put our choose jackets and many fabrics together.
They have many textures and colors.
Therefore, our drawing developed into enjoyable illustration.
We shared each other’s sketchbook.
Our illustrations turned the works of great originality. 
3.How does deconstruction inform reconstruction?
I took my jacket to pieces this afternoon. 
I recorded with the photo and drawing that resolve the process of my jacket. 
I got an impression of the shape. 
I was interested in a change of the shape of the jacket very much whenever I dismantled the jacket. 
It was not an architectural design.
I create various texture and fabric to reconstruction’s garment.


I collected my familiar material and things for the tomorrow’s class in a charity shop and pound land. 
Our familiar material and thing are a lot of.
Therefore I collected the things that I always use. 
  • Receipt 
  • Shop bag 
  • Rice 
  • Newspaper 
  • Woolen yarn 
  • Shirt
  • Contact lens 
  • Tissue 
  • Hair rubber 
I always use them. 
I understand that a color and form, size are different when I collect them.
I though the I could produce various works when I put them together. 
I researched about Luke Brookes and James Theseus Buck and Rottingdean Bazaar. 
Their works which stuck a T-shirt and many balloons and the stationery which performed crimp of socks and slippers in their works on the surface of clothes.
I was interested in the design that dropped an familiar thing and material on clothes to see them. 
Therefore I wanted to prepare own work into the base with they works.

04/10/2016 Rottingdean Bazaar(Day2)

1.What skills are you learning? How are they useful?
I learnt some skills the today’s project. 
They use light projector, drawing(use the different drawing materials, quickly and slowly drawing,repeating the drawing and others), collage. 
I could raise the degree of perfection of my works. 
Their skills can make many printing patterns. 

Therefore, I created a variety of the prints.
2.What causes blocks and how do you overcome hurdles+problems in your work? 
I overcame some hurdles and problems in my work that was very simple shape.
I changed this shape which combined with another familiar object. 
As a result, I took an interest in their shapes. 
I could develop them that are the interesting designs. 
3.How is your project changing? How are you recording this?
Today’s project was enriched for me very much. 
I was able to make a very interesting pattern with an acetate. 
In addition, I can develop it more by recording(drawing and photo). 
I enjoyed today’s project.


I looked for 10 research images for a tomorrow’s project. 
I gathered the images of the wool and knit. 
Those materials resembled various things by form. 
For example, a sea anemone, muscle and ceramics and so on. 
These variations were abundant. 
There are two reasons why I chose those materials as this research. 
Firstly, I though last research was insufficient for me, and there is still room for the improvement in a work. 
Secondly, they are very likely to be the development as fashion and textile, because I felt that I can make an interesting work. 
I want to develop this project through them.


I did drawing and research, develop of the works which I watched in yesterday’s exhibition. 
I was able to understand form and the color of the work through drawing. 

In addition, I made new design and form from those designs.
However, I always do drawing by the same technique. 
So I want to use the technique that I learned by a conventional project positively.

11/10/2016 What's the point project(Day2)

It was the second day of ‘What’s the point’ project today. 
I decided to put 10 research images and ‘your surrounding’ project together. 
I thought that there were some possibilities and improvement points in this project. 
I felt big possibility for an experiment to create the forms that were different by putting three forms.
They were one of the methods that I experimented on this project together.
I could create new forms and materials through them.
However, I was not able to make use of those advantages in this project. 
Therefore I wanted to challenge this project by this week’s project again. 
I traced interesting shapes of my research images, and collage did them. 
They became the very mysterious forms. 
I want to produce new resource and garment using them. 
Because I expressed change of the form in drawing and paper.

I wants to make the thing which can vary from 2D to 3D with the project.
Therefore I attached some snaps to those images and could remove them and produced the thing which could change in those forms freely in a sketchbook. 
They became very interesting. 
As for me, develop is going to do them tomorrow. 


Today was the first tutorial. 
I had some improvements in workflow and sketchbook. 
?I write the date in the reflection 
?I don’t put a process and outcome on research 
?I do the artist research very clearly(title and work name of the book and title of the photograph and others) 
?I use various drawing material tools 
I improve these and want to make use of advice of tutor in next project. 
Therefore I revise the contents which I can revise in workflow and sketchbook. 
They are easy to look more and are easy to understand. 

18/10/2016 WHITE CUBE

I went to the WHITE CUBE Gallery today. 
The 11 works were displayed in this gallery. 
I was interested in the works of ‘Untitled’ of North Galleries. 
The wall paper of trees drawn on the unilateral wall with white and green was put in the room. 
The work that put clear glass and the mirror and the stone together in various places of the room was displayed. 
As for those works, the figure of own is reflected back by the mirror. 
However, the scenery behind the mirror is transparent when I watch mirrors well.
As for me, the point was very interesting. 
I can let a back handle of be transparent if I change idea of this work into textile.
I can thereby wear clothes without making even this cloth can be seen through mind of underwear. 
In addition, this idea is available with a certain, a bag and the shoes. 
I am important for idea and design, but I think that width of expression and the utilization opens because skill and technology are combined in them.
The exhibition of Antony Gormley was held in WHITE CUBE. 
There was much sculpture made with mental and a tree and was displayed there. 
He expresses a person using a line and a rectangle. 
I associated a studio GHIBLI l’s work with his work. 
I put a naturally occurring thing together with the studio GHIBLI’s work and may express an object and a person. 
His work had many works that people of the wide generation could enjoy. 
They reminded me of a jungle gym, a cave and a heap of snd. 
The work that was interested in me in particular is a tunnel of one way dug out by the form of the person. 
This work becomes available inside and can walk.
The inside and the outside are jet-black, and it is painted with. 
When walked while there was not illumination, this work was painted the form of the person with white, hit a snag. 
I can take the photograph that the form of the cross shows the form of the person when I take a photograph against light from there. 
I was impressed by the laborer point of this work very much. 
I feel that I only watch this work like the work which is mineral matter.
However, I may really notice in what I experience in a work on foot. 
I was made to reconfirm that was important on doing design by this work.  


I went to look for public art for the next project. 
This statue called ‘Angel’ that displayed in Angel station. 
The motif of the work is angel. 
This work was made by Kevin Boys Blacksmith. 
This statue was formed that like slim tape curved and stretched form of angel.
Just then an idea occurred to me.
It was that use the feather to see this work as drawing material. 
Therefore I got a new drawing material and tool.
I was able to find four public arts around Angel station. 
They had many works which came from statue and angel of the person.

In addition,I found public art like the form of the totem pole.

It is a work made by Sol Bailey Barker. The work name is 'Forms Shaped Through Time'.

His Exhibition is held in holborn until next month.

I intend to go there for next project research in this week.


I looked for Brutalist Architecture for aproject to begin from next week. 
The building using the technique of Brutalist was built a lot in the downtown. 
It was architectural, and they were various form and designs. 
I watched a lot of Brutalist Architecture for next project, but they had very interesting surface for me. 
For example, I cover the surface of the building with a sheet because the design of a waving wall, an irregularity are rebuilding emphasized building. 
I felt that they were easy to unfold in textile. 
Therefore I want to deepen textile image through drawing and collage.

29/10/2016 From Myth To Earth

I went to exhibition of ‘From Myth To Earth' today. 
I was interested in this exhibition. 
This artist is SOL BAILEY BARKER. 
This exhibition did collaboration of the works that SOL BAILER BARKER and GABRIELLA SONABEND. 
They produced those works in Colombian interior during a month. 
They expressed through their works that all of life finally becomes the soil of the earth. 
I found the work which expressed the contents of the exhibition clearly. 
The work is that many fish and sand were spread all in the ship which was broken. 
When I watched this work for the first time, I was not able to understand this work. 
However, I was surprised at the depth of the concept of the work when I watched the work again after understanding contents and a purpose of this exhibition. 
In addition, all the form of these works was very interesting for me. 
For example, I resembled those form urchin,shovels, egg, centipede,totem pole and so on. 
I was able to learn the importance of the concept from this exhibition.

03/11/2016 Public Art(Day3)

Today was the last day of public art project. 
I produced a garment like eight characters.
It changes in various form by way of wearing. 
I want to connect it with outcome of the sketchbook by drawing doing those designs. 
There were some reflection points of this project. 
The first improvement that has little number of illustration and drawing. 
I laid emphasis on production of material and texture in a process of this project. 
Therefore I was not able to spend time on them. 
The second improvement that the process of the work and has pushed forward. 
As a result, the contents of my sketchbook are shallow.
I felt that there were fewer color and drawing material and tool than the sketchbook of other students. 
Therefore my drawing and illustration became monotonous. 
I think that I want to do a method of various drawing positively to improve them. 
The third improvement is display of the works. 
I hung my work on a ceiling.
However, I let you keep the form that I imaged by a property of the material of the work and was not able to display it.
I understood that a work was good or bad by a way of the display. 
I thought to solve this to go to various exhibition and shop, and to do research about a display method. 
I want to make use of this refinement in next project.

10/11/2016 Tactile Structure(Day 3)

Today was a tactile structure project the last day. 
I made 10 paper and mix media samples.
I developed them from Burutalist Architectures. 
I focused on their details and shapes this week. 
Their details are extremely interesting for me. 
I got affect from their details. 
I got many inspiration from there. 
In addition, they have a lot of potential as textile. 
I got some feedback from my classmates this morning. 
They said me that you should change the size of your textile. 
Therefore you can make more interesting textile. 
I developed my works through them. 
I went to Barbican centre to take a photo. 
I took a photo with my works against the Brutalist Architectures. 
I felt they can make the new textiles.
I'd like to make a tracing of some works that took their photographs, and repeat their shapes. 
I want to make new textiles using them.


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